A trail of flowers

In America a bouquet of flowers is usually reserved for rare special occasions. In India we receive flower garlands, bouquets and single roses everywhere we go. The blossoms symbolize love and affection and are a token of respect.

Each time we meet with a new Rotary group we are often presented with a garland made of white jasmine flowers, which smell amazing. When we touched down in India, our escorts at the airport gave us giant bouquets.

IMG_2807 2.JPG

Looking haggard and sleep deprived at the airport, but happy. 

Flowers are a part of everyday life in India. Most Hindus have a Pooja room in their home, where they worship the god of their household.

Pooja room at my host family’s house in Puttur.

The often decorate the room with fresh flowers to honor god and cover statutes of Ganesha or Krisha with blossoms and plants.

At the temple, after praying, women are often presented with flowers or a strand of jasmine that they pin in their hair.

This morning, my host mom in Puttur tied a strand of beautiful white flowers that her husband will later bring to the temple as an offer to god.


She ties together flower blossoms with twine.


The finished product, ready to bring to the temple.

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