Silicon Valley of India

Ask most high school students in Karnataka state their planned major or career aspirations and most will say computer science or engineering.

The two concentrations are very popular here in India, where many children leave after college to work for software companies in America or as engineers in the Middle East.


Some, however, don’t have to go far. Infosys is a major Indian-based consulting and software company that has a base in Mysore. The campus is very similar to those in Silicon Valley and it trains up to 14,000 workers, which are all housed on site. There is a huge swimming pool, a work-out center with several bowling lanes and a library that looks straight out of a  New England college campus.


The emphasis on science, math and engineering has been evident in almost every grade school we have visited. Most students say they want to grow up to be doctors or engineers. The rare few who want to study fashion design or hotel management admit they face immense pressure from parents to go into the engineering sector.

While Donald Trump hasn’t come up too much during the trip, one of the biggest questions we face is about his administration’s proposal to curb H-1B visas that let highly-skilled workers into America. That would likely effect the thousands of Indian engineers who work in the country’s tech sector.

One thought on “Silicon Valley of India

  1. Gorgeous building! Where do we miss the boat in helping children become stem literate. This was really important angle for you to discover and I believe would make a terrific article for
    NH to hear. We have heard it but it does ‘t hurt to have multiple ways of illustrating. What Trump has done on immigration just can not work in the long run.


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