What am I doing here?

It was hard for me to explain my trip to India before I left because I wasn’t quite sure exactly what it would be.

The Group Study Exchange is sponsored by Rotary International and is meant as a cultural and professional exchange. Our group of five women is led by a local rotarian, Claudine Hessmer-Husainy. The rest of us are professionals from Southern New Hampshire. Sarah Marchant is the Community Development Division Director for the city of Nashua. Suzanne Delaney runs a STEM education company. And Nina Giannotti is the International Student Advisor at New England College.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

We are sponsored by Rotary clubs in southern India, and are living with host families in roughly seven cities throughout three weeks.

Each day we have vocational visits to learn about industries in India that are similar to our own. We are also engaging in some serious sightseeing.

The above map shows some places we will be visiting. It is subject to change, and already has about two dozen times in the last three days.

Apologies for the delayed blogging. I had a bout of food poisoning – my first, and hopefully last, of the trip.

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