Pink, blue and green

Arriving from the wintery white of New Hampshire, the most striking part of touching down in Benaglore, India was its vibrant color. The bright blues, greens and pinks are reflected not only in the clothing, but the natural landscape.

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Fuchsia hibiscus flowers line the dusty roadways.

Women wear bright teal, pink and blue saris that are embroidered with shiny gold stitching and flashy gem stones.

The public busses and trucks used to carry produce, wood or trash, are covered with hand painted animals, sayings in flowing Indian script or images of Hindu gods.

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Unlike in the U.S. — where cars are bought straight off the factory line in dark blues, blacks and whites —the vehicles here are chosen in bright hues.

The cement walls that line the roads are painted with thick blue and white vertical stripes, or hand-made advertisements.

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The result is a lively, diverse and at times chaotic scenery. The color makes the city feel crowded, but cheerful and happy.

Greenery and plant life are clearly valued.

Thousands of potted palm plants line the two-foot median of the main highway into Bengalore. The brown clay pots are spread in a straight line only inches apart. The leafy trees vary from inches to two feet tall, but break up the wide stretch of dusty black assault.

On the road from Benaglore to Mysore, the media was crowded with leafy bushes and hibiscus blooms.

Personal identify is important. Standing out, it seems, is valued over blending in.

Many women on the streets in India wear saris, a style of dress that consists of a large piece of fabric draped around the body.

While the outfit sounds bland and rudimentary, the fabric is so varied and diverse that no two women look the same.

There’s bright yellow with flowered patterns. black with fat red polka dots, ombre blue with black and white overlaid designs.

The houses along the road are mostly thin, three story buildings made of cement. Their smooth sides are painted an array of bright colors, and some feature advertisements.

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These are just some initial thoughts. Much more to come, just figuring out internet and pictures.

One thought on “Pink, blue and green

  1. Love this beginning. I have been reading all the stories in your blog over and over. I love your personal tone and detailed observations! XXOO


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